Mode: Manual; Aperture: f/11; Shutter Speed: 1/1300 sec; ISO: 400; Lens mm: 40.00 mm

Mode: Manual; Aperture: f/11; Shutter Speed: 1/1600 sec; ISO: 400; Lens mm: 28.00 mm

This picture represents great shadow and contrast using black and white to enhance the subject’s shadows. The subtle shadows adds a lot of depth to the image without being too harsh and dramatic. The quality of light really brings out the subject even more and the technique the photographer used to capture the right angles is an incredibly useful and effective skill. The shadows also set the mood within this picture and creates an almost relaxing and calm image. There are abstract shapes being created as well by the shadows and objects which makes the picture fun to look at. Again, black and white is great for shadow photography since they naturally have more contrast and dynamic range. Sometimes color can distract from the subject or shadow and in this picture you can see how well the black and white colors can amplify the shadow’s contrast and pull the image together. The gist of this image is the abstract shadows/object which I really enjoy looking at. Its simple positioning creates a unique and capturing essence. Overall, this image displays good use of the black and white filter as well as using different objects to display shadows.


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