Photography Career Tree

Some jobs I would be interested in pursuing would be cinematographer and media director/producer. Being a cinematographer expresses the art of storytelling and tests one’s ability to use camera movement, images, and light to portray specific scenarios. I think having that skill is really cool and important to have in photography. It would be cool to be able to convey different stories accurately in my work as well. Being a media director/producer requires lots of planning and time-management. I think working this job would be beneficial to my learning in how to manage my time better and be able to create plans or goals in entertainment and marketing. Overall, the skills I can learn spark my interest in these jobs such as video production, hand-eye coordination, time-management, and budgeting.

I would like to work out-of-state. My ideal place to work would be any busy city like New York or San Francisco. Even LA would be suffice, however, I do want to live and work outside of California when I’m older. I don’t plan on living outside of the U.S. but more than likely I will move once I’m retired and can travel a bit more. Some responsibilities in being a cinematographer are preparing for the shoot, setting up the shot, storing and organizing footage, and monitoring the shots. Responsibilities in being a media director/producer is determining the best media outlet mix for promotional strategies, optimizing advertising strategies, monitoring offline and online ad campaigns, and creating new campaigns to reach a larger audience.

The average salary for a cinematographer in New York City is $76,658 per year. The average salary for a cinematographer in LA is $80,889 per year. In San Francisco, $53,642 is the average salary. For a media director/producer, the average salary in San Francisco is $126,000 per year. In LA, it’s $139,346, and in New York, it’s $131,991 per year. Other fields or jobs I would like to pursue outside of photography would be something in the medical field. More specifically, my ideal job would be a veterinarian since it has good pay and I like spending time with different pets or animals. I’m good in biology and chemistry as well which can benefit me in that job. In places like New York and San Francisco, vets get paid especially well.

Aura Photography

I chose the color indigo because it represents intuition and overall truth. To have an indigo aura means to be able to see past deceit. It values benevolence and connects to seekers. I think I’m most tied with this color because I find that I value truth and am intuitive.

Masters of Photography Reflection

The photographer I chose is Ansel Adams. His photography, especially the photo above, is very pretty and uses well contrasting colors to make the subjects pop. I especially like this photo due to the amount of detail it captures of the tree and the white background surrounding the dark branches. Overall, the contrast within the photo is what captures my eye.

I also really like this picture due to the tree at the side, contrasting with the darkness that surrounds it. The dark background is given a pattern with all the lined-up trees as well. I think, all in all, it’s very cool and the tree at the front is a nice addition to the photo. Ansel Adams’ visualization within each shot he takes is something I find interesting and unique. Ansel Adams has proven to be a very successful and brilliant photographer, which is why I chose him.

Meticulous Photography

This image caught my eye because I like the color of the flowers and think the fact that it matches with the background is nice. It’s simple and doesn’t have too many objects in frame which I also like and prefer. I think the flowers as the subject was a pretty idea and the variety in the flowers is also nice.

Travel Poster

I would like to travel to Italy because the art and culture of the country is something I’ve always found interesting and unique. I think it’d be a nice place to go on vacation and is filled with attractions and sights to see.

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